What are the Side Effects of Oil Pulling

oil pulling side effects

Negative side effects, or detox?

I am a firm believer that the side effects of oil pulling are actually just the side effects of detoxing the body. Oil pulling can have a powerful detox effect which is the body regaining its normal healthy state from any conditions or diseases that you may have.

Healing crisis

This is also known as a healing crisis. Quite simply, a healing crisis is the effect of the body being overloaded with alterations and changes (usually good) that it needs to enter a deep period of rest. You can experience a healing crisis during drastic changes to your diet for example. If you did any length water or juice fast then you will most likely experience heavy detox and a healing crisis while your body is mending old injuries.

How to avoid a healing crisis / detox effects

Stay hydrated with plenty of water

To help avoid many negative aspects of detox and healing crisis you must prepare your body for healing. Drink plenty of water before hand, because by staying hydrated you are able to better deal with the healing that is taking place. A hydrated system is also efficient at getting rid of the waste that is being stored in your body.

Change your diet, get more protein!

This is a large part of successfully avoiding a healing crisis and many of the effects of heavy detox. Make sure you are getting enough protein into your diet and are mostly staying away from many processed foods. Sugar, grains and other junk food  should be replaced with fruits and vegetables at minimum 2 to 3 weeks prior to starting any large detox.

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