Oil Pulling with Olive Oil: Health Benefits

Benefits of oil pulling with olive oil

Oil Pulling with olive oil is one of the best things you can do for your health today. It is proven to give tasty and quality results when it comes to improving one’s health. It has also been used over many years as an effective home remedy to heal many illnesses and prolong life. If you are ready to start using olive oil and seeing benefits for your health, then keep reading to find out how.

Olive oil has been used as a principle product when it comes to cleaning our skin since the Persian years. It is a powerful skin soothing agent that moisturizes our skin to prolong its life and prevent many damages. Olive oil is rich in fatty acids and has powerful natural ingredients that are capable of opening pores and renewing skin cells which are needed to unleash new moisturized skin. In order for it to become more effective, it is essential to heat it up and reach sipping temperature, and then rubbing it on your skin. You can combine olive oil with a vinegar or sugar to make it an overall exfoliating agent as well as a skin softener.

Oil Pulling with Olive Oil

Oil Pulling with Olive Oil

Oil pulling is considered to be the newest healing medication process in USA. Before it could reach the American continent, it was first practiced in India and in China. It is a pure and natural remedy which comes from real herbs and is considered an edible oil once mixed in food. Because of its several benefits that can be promoted in daily living of people, olive oil can be considered as must-part of a daily routine.

Oil pulling is good for cleaning the body

One of the best benefits of olive oil is that it has the potential to cleanse the body. Start by taking it in the morning on an empty stomach – before eating or drinking to sustain its effectiveness. One tablespoon of olive oil is enough per day. You can do it more than once depending on your desire and the needs of your body. Make sure that the gap of 4 hours between every intake is followed. It removes germs and bacteria in the digestive system, and your body may need a break in between the removal process.

Oil pulling helps to detoxify the body

Detoxification and cleansing is different for each person. Olive oil has the capability to detoxify one’s body without any compromises.

Aside from removing germs and bacteria in the body, preferably in the digestive system, it can also remove and throw away toxins and free radicals in the lining of the digestive organs and in the bloodstream, thus, promoting a healthy and clean physique (something I’m sure we all want!)

 Oil Pulling for healing gums and  maintaining strong teeth

Aside from being an active product in maintaining the health of  one’s body, oil pulling is also proven to be good in healing  wounded gums and maintaining bright and white teeth. Such  infections and problems regarding the gums and teeth will be  eradicated like bad breath and sting.


Oil pulling is good for weight  management

Olive oil also has the potential to increase metabolism. Therefore, one can be able to achieve good weight without compromising the food you want to eat.

What to buy and Where to get started

So you’re ready to start oil pulling and seeing health benefits fast? Let’s do it!

Here’s what you need to buy:

3. California Olive Ranch Extra Virgin Olive Oil

2. Bragg Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1. Recommended Favorite: Baja Precious Extra Virgin Olive Oil


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Don’t miss out on all the great benefits you get from oil pulling. Leave me a comment and let me know what you think, and don’t forget to subscribe for more upcoming updates!

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